Frequently Asked Questions about becoming a mobil home owner on Residential Camping des Moulins

Can I live all year round on the site?
No. The site is open from 1st April until 31st October and only for touristic purposes. You must have a principal residence elsewhere.

Do I have to pay council tax?
No. The ‘taxe foncière’ is charged to the campsite and mobil homes owners are not eligible to pay the ‘taxe d’habitation’. There is, however, a tourist charge to pay (see documents to download for more information).

Can my family and friends use the mobil home?
Yes, your friends and family are free to use your mobil home providing there are never more than 6 people on the pitch at any one time.

Must I insure my mobil home?
Yes, by law you are obliged to insure your mobil home.

What size are your pitches?
The pitches are on average 200 metres squared.

Can I rent out my mobil home?
Yes, you are free to rent out your mobil home either privately or via campsite management (see ‘sub letting contract’, documents to download for more information).

Can I bring my dog?
Yes, providing it conforms to the interior regulation (see documents to download for more information).

Do you offer any finance?
No. Unfortunately we do not offer finance.

What is the yearly rental cost of the pitch?
The yearly pitch rental is 3000 euros, payable in 12 montly instalments of 250 euros.

Is the site open all year?
No. The site is open from 1st April until 31st October.

How are the mobil homes delivered and installed?
All new mobil homes are delivered to the site by the manufacturer. The installation of the mobil home is done by the campsite employees conforming to the current site regulations (access, positioning, connections, etc.). See ‘contract agreement’, documents to download, for more information.

Do you offer activites and entertainment in the summer?
Yes, the campsite offers acivities and animations in the summer months.

Is the water, electricity and gas included in the yearly pitch rental?
The water and electricity are included in the yearly rental charge. The bottled gas, however, is not included.

How do I find out more?
For any further information please contact us via the “CONTACT US” page above.

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